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Bipartisan House Resolution Endorses a Republic in Iran

Bipartisan House Resolution Rejects Monarchic, Religious Dictatorship, Endorses a Republic in Iran Townhall     |     Majid Rafizadeh     |     Feb 15, 2023 As we marked...

Bipartisan Senators Support Iran Uprising

Bipartisan Senators Support Iran Uprising, Call for Increased Pressure on Iran Ayatollahs by OIAC      |     December 8, 2022 At the US Senate Kennedy...

The Iranian people want democracy, not clerical rule or a monarchy

The U.S. and EU should help facilitate the outcome of unrest sweeping Iran The Washington Times      |     By Ivan Sascha Sheehan     |    ...

Women are leading the revolution to bring down Iran’s regime

Women have been the main target of the Iranian regime — now they're leading the revolution to bring it down New York...

Iran Protests Spread with Uprising at Prison

Activists say prisoners chanted antigovernment slogans; Parliament clears police in Mahsa Amini’s death. The fire Saturday at Evin Prison in Tehran, which the...

Iranians have the right to revolt to achieve democracy

OC Register      |     By MITRA SAMANI      |     October 9, 2022 The preamble to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights states...