Townhall    |    Amb. Ken Blackwell    |    Oct 28, 2020 The United Nations Third Committee is discussing human rights in the next few weeks. As part of its final resolution, it should include a paragraph on one of the worst

Real Clear    |    By Abbas Davari    |    August 07, 2020 In between headlines about the impact of US sanctions on the Iranian economy and the “grand” Sino-Iranian deal billed by Tehran as an economic elixir, important questions linger: Why has the

New York Post    |    By Saeed Ghasseminejad    |    March 5, 2020  The coronavirus has shattered any hope of the Iranian economy clawing out from under two years of deep recession. To the ruling regime’s chagrin, the virus has begun to adversely

NCRI Human Rights center     |    May 6, 2019 May Day is the day to defend justice, equality and human rights for workers on whose toil and efforts, the society’s welfare and happiness depend. In Iran, however, the grim working conditions

By L. Todd Wood – The Washington Times – Thursday, September 6, 2018   ANALYSIS/OPINION: The Iranian regime is starting to crack. The terror train is about to derail. But this will also be the most dangerous time for Iran’s adversaries, including the

Bloomberg    |    By Golnar Motevalli     |   April 18, 2018 “Solving the banking crisis is the priority for us now.” Ahmad, who runs an advertising agency in a busy commercial district of Tehran, has given up trying to get a business

By  Ross Amin September 9, 2017 One of the hardest things about being an Iranian within Iran or abroad is the knowing that you do not have a representative government of your own. In Iran, the regime pretends to speak

BY MAJID SADEGHPOUR, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR The new U.S. administration sent shock waves through foreign policy circles when National Security Advisor Michael Flynn issued a statement putting the Islamic Republic of Iran “on notice” over its various destabilizing activities. The specific

With Iran’s presidential election looming close, there’s a lot of debate and controversy over who is going to occupy the country’s top political role. With tight restrictions on candidates, a supreme leader who can override the results, and institutions that

March 5, 2017 OIAC_Many believe that the foundations of a sensible Iran policy is being developed by the Trump administration. The regime leaders seem to be made uneasy by the Trump team’s tough rhetoric. Iran is more likely to hesitate