Saba Haftbaradaran and Asieh Rakhshani

About Asieh Rakhshani

Asieh Rakhshani, 30, was killed on April 8, 2011, during a brutal assault on Camp Ashraf, Iraq, by thousands of Iraqi soldiers, backed by tanks and armored vehicles. She was among 36 defenseless and unarmed residents of Ashraf, home for the past 26 years to members of Iran’s main opposition movement, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK), who were killed and hundreds more wounded. Seven other women also died.

The Department of State, the United States Congress, the European Union, the United Nations and most human rights organizations condemned this manifest case of crime against humanity, which Senator John Kerry, the Foreign Relations Committee Chair described as a massacre.

Asieh grew up in northern California with her relatives who acted as her guardians. She returned to Ashraf after graduating from high school. With a keen interest in journalism, she became a camera person and was on the scene of the attack on April 8th, where she actively documented the Iraqi forces during their attack on April 8th, where she filmed her own last moments before being shot.