The Media Express   |   August 14, 2018   |    by Lewis Palmer

U.S. House of Representative McClintock, introduced a bill, HR 1034, on July 26 that called for an investigation into the unsuccessful terror plot in Paris on June 30. The terror plot was uncovered by various European governments, and led to the arrest of several individuals, including an Iranian diplomat assigned to Vienna.

The Belgium authorities arrested a couple that were on their way to the Paris rally of Iranian resistance members and their supporters. The couple was found to have explosive material and material to ignite the explosion in a makeup container. Both were arrested. Three more individuals were arrested in France and one is being extradited to Belgium.

The Iranian resistance event, “Free Iran Rally 2018” was attended by a variety of lawmakers and international leaders, as well as Iranians and members of the public. The event included a speech by Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and was meant to show support for her 10-point plan for the future of Iran.

Bill condemns Iran sponsored terror

The bill’s first sentence condemns Iranian state-sponsored terrorism and expresses support for the Iranian people and their desire to have a democratic, secular, and non-nuclear Iran.

The authors of the bill acknowledge that U.S. State Department officials have indicated that Iran uses its embassies as cover for terrorist attacks and plots, noting the recent example of the Iranian diplomat assigned to Vienna, but arrested in Germany. He has been charged by German authorities with activity as a foreign agent and conspiracy to commit murder.

HR 1034 also calls for U.S. agencies to work with European allies to identify and bring to justice the Iranian officials behind the attack on the Iranian gathering in Paris.

Acknowledges efforts of Iranian people

The bill, sending a strong message of support to the Iranian resistance, calling for their work to be acknowledged and supported, as they work to create a free IranProtests continue throughout the country in response to its economic crisis, as well as the multiple human rights violations.

They also noted that the Iranian resistance wants to abolish Sharia law, which is currently intertwined with Iranian law and has been used to suppress the rights of Iranian people for decades.

The U.S. State Department urged all nations to beware of Iran using its embassies as diplomatic cover for terror activities. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also expressed concern that Iran was using its embassies to plan terrorist acts throughout Europe.



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