March 7, 2018

You know, on occasions such as this, it is customary when you begin to speak to say it is a pleasure to be here. It’s sort of a standard opening. But to come to the Nowruz celebration of the Organization of Iranian American Communities is truly a pleasure. It’s a pleasure because it hearkens back on many pleasant occasions in homes of Iranian Americans around the country where I’ve seen settings as—well, maybe not as grand as this—but in the spirit of what we see here. And that spirit is one of community, of family, of values. I’m sorry that my friend [1:19:12] cannot be here, she, the Dr. Fereshteh to be with her husband Alborz, over here, Alborz] thank you darling. I thank (Donya) and Ramesh for their invitation and their hospitality.

But I want to convey to you, and I support what in the introduction was said, we have bipartisan support for the Iranian-American community in the Congress. And you know why? Because we have support in the Iranian American communities in the country. The people in Iran, America, and around the world, Nowruz represents the joy and hope of new beginnings. This new year we celebrate the wonderful enrichment and diversity of our communities and our nation. In California, we are especially proud, because I’ve been told—you tell me if this is so—that half of the Iranian-American community lives in California.

We take great pride in that. In the Bay Area, we feel very enriched. I say there, the beauty is in the mix. My experience with the Iranian-American community there is wonderful occasions of family and hearing the joys of children and the successes and the professionalism that you all bring to everything. And some very, very delicious and late dinners. Late dinners. [laughter] I just want you to know I’ve been there. The diversity of ideas and beliefs you have brought to our shores have strengthened and enriched our nation.

This Nowruz, in the spirit of hope and new beginnings, let’s pray for the rebirth of freedom and democracy in Iran. Let us commit ourselves to an ongoing fight for peace and justice in our communities around the world. I know the Iranian community is a blessing here, but you’re a blessing other places as well. What we want in Iran is a secular, nonnuclear, democratic Iran. And at the time of new year, let us make that wish something that will come true soon.

It is again, a joy, a pleasure, to be with all of you and to say that Nowruz has become as American as any holiday you can think of. We all look forward to it, celebrate it. You have made it just another cause for celebration in our country, the contribution that Iranian-Americans make to America. You make America more American with your commitment to family, to faith, commitment with your work ethic, the pride you take in your heritage, and the patriotism you demonstrate to America. So thank you so much, thank you. Happy Nowruz.

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Rep Tom McClintock (R-CA) at OIAC 2018 Nowruz Celebration on Capitol Hill

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA): Thank you all very much. Happy Nowruz to all of you. As you know, this is the first Nowruz since the uprising, and I believe it marks a turning point in the history of Iran. Iran is one of the oldest and greatest civilizations in the history of mankind, yet it has been suppressed and plundered by a clique of theocratic thugs that comprise the Iranian government. Their claim in power is illegitimate and the time to topple them has come. I and so many of my colleagues in Congress strongly support the Iranian’s People’s Resistance and stand behind President Trump’s strong words of backing and encouragement to the freedom fighters in Iran.

I believe it’s time for the United States to step forward with material support for the freedom movement. For every dollar that Obama gave to this brutal dictatorship we now owe the Iranians who are desperately trying to restore freedom to themselves and their posterity. Under President Trump’s leadership we’ve made significant progress towards the liberation of Iran. We’ve banned federal funds from being used to aid in exports and imports. We’ve extended and expanded the ban on transactions involving nations that engage in human rights violations and international terrorism, of which Iran is the worst. We’ve expanded the arms embargo. And Congress has repeatedly expressed its support for and solidarity with the Iranian people.

But the Iranian people need more than our good wishes, and the time has come to act. They need direct satellite access to the internet that the regime has denied them on the ground. They need us to restore economic sanctions against the regime and U.S. leadership in a renewed boycott of Iran. They need the voice of America to express unqualified support for the resistance movement in Iran, and it would send a powerful message to the Iranian people if we would invite Maryam Rajavi, the president of the National Council of Resistance of Iran to address the joint session of Congress. [applause]

At a turning point in the liberation of America, Thomas Paine spoke of times that try men’s souls. Such a time has come to Iran where the struggle for freedom is reaching a critical hour. Years of oppression by the Iranian thugocracy has produced economic malaise at home and growing opposition abroad. The Iranian people know it, they’re living it, and they’ve reached a breaking point. And I believe we are now approaching one of those critical moments in history where the world could change overnight. Turning points like this do not come often. Thomas Paine was right. In such moments, the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will shrink from their duty. But those who stand it now deserve posterity’s gratitude. For too long the United States has shirked its responsibility and the time has come to stand tall with the freedom movement of Iran. Thank you all, God bless.


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