Our Community


The Iranian American Community of Northern California is an association of Iranians who believe it is our responsibility to use the freedoms and power we have in this country to be the voice of the oppressed people of Iran. We are against the theocratic regime of Iran, and believe that Iran should be a democratic secular republic. We are against any form of military intervention in Iran, however we do not believe any form of dialogue will benefit the Iranian people. We believe the correct policy is to support the Iranian people and their resistance in their movement for democratic change in Iran.

We feel it is the responsibility of all Iranians living outside of the repressive regime of Iran to take advantage of their freedom of speech and represent the Iranian population who’s voice has been cut off. We, like the majority of Iran’s population strongly oppose the theocratic dictatorship that is terrorizing Iranians at home as well as the entire Middle Eastern region. This regime has been condemned over 50 times by the United Nations for human rights violations. At this point in time there continues to be executions of minors, stoning, public hangings, torture, and no freedom of expression or speech. The theocratic government continues to control life and treat women as second-class citizens. The Iranian people have been struggling for decades to realize their dream of an independent, secular, democratic country. We oppose all forms of dictatorship, whether it is a monarchy or a theocracy. We believe the Iranian reform movement to be a façade used by the Islamic regime to prolong its life. We call for a fully democratic, secular republic in Iran.

Nuclear Program & War: We as Iranians who love our country and people strongly condemn any foreign invasion or military action, likewise we protest and reject any Nuclear program that will bring about such a situation. The Iranian regime’s record speaks for itself, therefore any steps by them towards nuclear capability could spell disaster for the entire world. At the very least it would bring about a bloody war that would cost the lives of thousands of Iranians. A country that possesses some of the largest oil reserves in the world has other means in which to provide electricity to its people. Due to these reasons, as well as the overall negative effects of nuclear development, we call for a nuclear free Iran. The Iranian people do not need any foreign liberators, nor do they want any foreign military presence within their country, we strongly condemn any war as it would be the Iranian people that suffer as a result.

Our Solution: The two options that seem to be on the table with Iran is either negotiation, or war. But we have a third option which we feel will serve the best interests of everyone. The solution to the Iranian problem is neither appeasement of a terrorist regime nor a foreign war, but democratic change by relying on the Iranian people and their organized Resistance. The Iranian Resistance’s President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi put forth this option during her address to the European Parliament in December 2004. The terror label against the main Iranian resistance group, the Iranian Mojahedin, is the most important impediment to realizing this change. The Iranian people have a history of resistance towards oppression, and movements geared towards democracy and freedom. Iran is a country with nearly 75% of its population under the age of 30. The young and dynamic student movement in Iran has bravely confronted the Iranian regime on many occasions. The choice for all countries of the free world is easy: STAND WITH THE PEOPLE AND RESISTANCE OF IRAN