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BY MAJID SADEGHPOUR, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR The new U.S. administration sent shock waves through foreign policy circles when National Security Advisor Michael Flynn issued a statement putting the Islamic Republic of Iran “on notice” over its various destabilizing activities. The specific

With Iran’s presidential election looming close, there’s a lot of debate and controversy over who is going to occupy the country’s top political role. With tight restrictions on candidates, a supreme leader who can override the results, and institutions that

DefenseNews-Feb 8, 2017: Diplomatic activism by Russia in Syria is producing speculation about the Kremlin’s possible willingness to encourage genuine peace talks and spur transition from corrupt, incompetent and brutal family rule toward something stabilizing and inclusive. If Russia proves

March 6, 2017 INS-Once again, Iran has successfully test-fired new missiles during the Islamic Republic’s naval drills. During a large-scale drill, code-named Velayat 95, in the strategic southern waters, Iran’s navy tested its domestically-manufactured missiles. Just three weeks after the

March 5, 2017 OIAC_Many believe that the foundations of a sensible Iran policy is being developed by the Trump administration. The regime leaders seem to be made uneasy by the Trump team’s tough rhetoric. Iran is more likely to hesitate

BY AMIR H. HEIDARIAN, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR – 03/23/17 01:20 PM EDT  In the wake of Nowrouz — the Persian New Year celebration — on Tuesday, it is easy to paint a bleak picture of the situation inside Iran. Though ruled

Friday, 10 February 2017 Dr. Majid Rafizadeh The recent Executive Order affecting immigration by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries has prompted fierce discussion from all quarters, including arguments on who does or does not actually endanger the national security of

INU – Feb 07, 2017: Last week four Kurdish porters were arrested in the border area of Banneh in Western Iran. Agents of the Iranian regime then proceeded to push them down into the valley. This resulted in three of

[wpdevart_youtube]bg1l9VIbtMs[/wpdevart_youtube] Mr. Straun Stevenson, MEP, represented Scotland in the European Parliament since 1999. He is well known in Europe for his in-depth knowledge and understanding of Middle East, and is particular Iran and Iraq politics. Mr. Stevenson has been President